Porto Marina
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Northern Coast

The MEditerranean Coast also known as tThe North Coast stretches for 500 kilometers, starting west from Alexandria all the way to the Libyan border. The stunning shoreline of turquoise sea, lined with endless white sand beaches remain unspoiled and free of the hordes of tourists; but not for long. In the past few years, the Egyptian Government has paid a lot of attention to the area, and in 2006 the government allowed developers to commence a mega tourist project in Sidi Abdel Rahman.

While visiting the North Coast, the Traveler must be aware that the beach etiquette here is much different than in Sharm El Sheikh, for instance. Unless the female traveler is willing to conform to the standards of the public beaches, she may want to seek out the several resorts geared to the western tourists; such as Mamoura Beach in Alexandria, the King's Ranch; 10km from Alexandria, and Porto Marina, where swimming can be enjoyed in privacy and luxury. A new trend gaining popularity along the coast are "Women Only Beaches", in these secluded areas, women can lie in the sun and swim in bikinis, attended exclusively by female staff.






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