Regina Nuweibaa
Regina Nuweibaa is located on the beautiful coast of the Red Sea. A fabulous place for relaxation and enjoying the Coral Reefs and ... More


Heading towards the North of Dahab & South to Taba there lies the City of Nuweiba. The word Nuweiba means the 'Sparkling Spring' . Nuweiba is mainly divided into three main sections, they consist of port of Nuweiba which has become fairly busy these days, Nuweiba City itself, which has a bazaar and tourist shops, and Tarabin which is the real party area of the destination. Nuweiba lies at both side of Wadi Watir or Watir delta, which is about 57 miles North of Sharm el-Sheikh. Nuweiba is another famous diving destination in Egypt. Nuweiba was once an isolated area that was then developed by investors to be a tourist city of great importance nowadays, due to its unique environment.




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