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Vacation property ownership without the cost of owning a property year round. You pay only for the time you use. You may use your home resort every year or trade to thousands of other affiliated resorts worldwide
Started some 30 years ago in the French Alps, vacation ownership started out with the idea of being able to exchange one’s vacation accommodations with someone else’s. While not everyone could afford that second home at the beach, by owning just a segment of that home, or condo, it now came within most people’s reach. Add an exchange organization to implement trading your beach for someone’s mountain and bingo, you’ve got an industry! By locking in the purchase price of accommodations, vacation ownership (time sharing) helps to ensure future vacations at today’s prices at luxurious resorts with amenities, service and ambiance that rival any of the world’s top-rated vacation destinations. The reasons for purchasing most frequently cited by current timeshare owners are the high standards of quality accommodations and service at the resorts at which they own and exchange, followed by the flexibility offered through the vacation exchange opportunities and the cost effectiveness of vacation ownership. Nearly one-third of vacation owners purchase additional intervals after experiencing ownership. This trend is even stronger among long-time owners; 41.2 percent of those who have owned eight years or longer have purchased additional intervals within that time. Vacation ownership offers consumers the opportunity to purchase fully-furnished vacation accommodations for only a percentage of the cost of full ownership. For a one-time purchase price and payment of a yearly maintenance fee, purchasers own their vacation either in perpetuity or for a predetermined number of years. Owners share both the use and costs of upkeep of their unit and the common grounds of the resort property. Each condominium, or unit, of a vacation ownership resort is divided into weeks which are sold separately. The weeks are priced according to a variety of factors, including size of the unit, resort amenities, location and season. Unlike a hotel room or rental cottage, which require payment for each use with rates that usually increase each year, ownership at a timeshare property enables vacationers to enjoy a resort, year after year, for the lifetime of their ownership. Timeshare ownership offers vacationers an opportunity to save on the escalating cost of vacation accommodations over the long term while enjoying all the comforts of home in a resort setting. Truly a home away from home, vacation ownership provides the space and flexibility to suit the needs of any size family or group. While most vacation ownership condominiums have two bedrooms and two baths, unit sizes range from studios to three or more bedrooms. Unlike hotel rooms, there are no charges for additional guests. Also, unlike hotels, most units include a fully equipped kitchen with dining area, washer and dryer, linens, stereo, televisions, VCR and more. Timeshare resort amenities rival those of other top-rated resort properties and may include swimming pools, tennis, Jacuzzi, golf, bicycles and exercise facilities. Others feature boating, ski lifts, restaurants and equestrian facilities. Most timeshare resorts offer a full schedule of on-site or nearby sporting, recreational and social activities for adults and children. The resorts are staffed with well-trained hospitality professionals, with many resorts offering concierge services for assistance with visiting area attractions. So who benefits from owning a timeshare? Well, let’s start with you. Do you like to vacation? Do you wish you could someday go on that “dream” vacation, just once in your life? Have you ever had to tell your family that this year it just was not in the budget? Ever find yourself so immersed in your work that the years tend to slip by, always saying, “Next year we’ll take a nice vacation”? And how about that second honeymoon, just the two of you, every year? Or how ‘bout those kids, how quick they’ve grown! How often do you all get to take off and make those special memories that will last a lifetime? Hey! How about just getting the heck out of Dodge by yourself! A little personal R&R! And finally, wo

Q: What is a fixed week?
A: A set time that can be used annually.

Q: What is a float week?
A: Vacation time that can be used anytime of the year based upon availability.

Q: What is a banked week?
A: A week of timeshare deposited in one of the many exchange companies to be saved or banked for use at a later time.

Q: What is exchanging?
A: The act of trading vacation time with other timeshare owners for a onetime use in Egypt Thru Middle East Vaction Club .
B: The act of trading vacation time with other timeshare owners for a onetime use OutSide Egypt Thru International Vacation exchange companies. .
C: Exchange The Owner Ship to Other Resorts .

Q: Who are Interval International (II) and Resort Condominium International (RCI)?
A: The two largest exchange companies. They are responsible for 98% of all exchanges.

Q: What are maintenance charges?
A: An annual fee paid to maintain and improve the property.

Q: What is red, white-yellow, and blue-green time?
A: A color system used for rating the desirability of a timeshare week. Red is considered the most desirable followed by white and yellow. Blue and green are considered off-season.

Q: Will my resort resell my property?
A: Most resorts don't even offer a resale program. If they have new units to sell they will focus on them because they make a much higher profit.
Q: What is flex time?
A: Flex time is the same as float time however, you are not able to use all fifty two weeks out of the year. You may be able to use time frames such as, winter flex or summer flex, blue time frames and white time frames. Flex time does differ from resort to resort so be sure to ask.


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